Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Well ripple my raspberries

A visit to my sister on Saturday resulted in me coming home with nearly a pound and half of raspberries, which we picked in her garden. They were gorgeous, really sweet. Now I eat a lot of fruit, especially on my breakfast porridge and granola, but not even I could snaffle down that many raspberries before they went off. So, instead of going for the obvious and turning them into jam I thought some raspberry ripple ice cream would be most welcome, particularly as I had quite a few eggs and a load of cream in the fridge.

First stage of the process was make a custard - 568ml of cream (yikes, low cal then) brought to just below boiling with 300ml of whole milk and a split vanilla pod. This was then poured onto 6 egg yolks which had been whisked with 50g of caster sugar. Then the mixture was returned to the saucepan and stirred until it thickened slightly. When it was cold enough I put it in the fridge and left it alone until the next day.

Then, I fired up the ice cream machine (not the quatro). It's only one of those that you keep in the freezer, but it's quite effective. It just churns the mixture with a plastic paddle and gets colder and thicker as ice crystals form. I would like one of those big ones that are always good to go but I just don't I think I'd use it that often and they're just such a big bit of kit to store.

The base vanilla was then squirreled away to firm up a tad more before being 'rippled' with 300g of pureed and sweetened raspberries. Something to note here - when ice cream freezes it always tastes less sweet than when it was in it's unfrozen state, so you have to add more icing sugar than you think to the soft fruit.

I think this looks like something 'Dexter' would keep in his freezer

I have to say that it was really worth the effort. I've only ever had commercial raspberry ripple and this knocked spots off it. It was creamy (obviously as it was virtually all cream!) and the rippled parts were really raspberryish and tangy and yummy.


  1. Food Porn Jan. That looks amazing. I'd quite like one one of those Gaggia £200 jobbies as well to knock out ice-cream on a whim. Only problem with that is I'd end up Fat(ter) at a rate of knots. So probably best to stick to the pain in the arse freeze for 24hrs medieval ice-cream maker.

  2. There's nothing like home made ice cream, and as you have picked the berries yourself, this makes it mighty special!! I did Delia's Rhubarb crumble Ice cream with our Rhubarb and hubby declared it his favorite of all time, and he doesnt like Rhubarb!!

  3. I like that!

    I made a straight-up normal raspberry ice cream last night (post to follow, when I can get some decent photos), but I hadn't thought of doing a raspberry ripple.

    Straight from my childhood. Brilliant.

    Also, what sort of ice cream machine is that? Mine works on the same principle, but it's nowhere near as effective as that.

  4. this looks so delicious, I've only had the commercial stuff. I do love raspberries and this is a far more exciting use for it than boring old jam. Perfect for this sultry weather!

  5. Did you know that it was Margaret Thatcher who invented raspberry ripple ice cream?

  6. Dan - Thank you. You're right I don't tend to make it that often or buy it for that matter, cos if it's there I'd just keep eating it until it's gone.

    Diane - I've made that too, it's a good recipe.

    Chow & Chatter - Thank you, very kind of you.

    Them Apples - Thank you very much. It's a Magimix Le Glacier and they're still available (Argos sells one)

    Gastrogeek - Thank you, makes a change eh? :)

    Patrick - Are you sure?!!

  7. Ha yes I know it's hard to believe isn't it.

    The ice cream lady sounds a lot nicer than the iron lady.

    If you type in Margaret Thatcher raspberry ripple into Google the first result is an article from The Independent about William Hague. It mentions it in the 6th paragraph.

  8. Patrick, how right you are! Who'd have thought? Thank you for that - very interesting...

  9. The ice cream looks lovely but I think I would just have gorged my self on the raspberries then had a long lie down :)

  10. By the way I changed my site address to https://chowandchatter.blogspot.com
    To match the name ! Love Rebecca

  11. That looks so delicious and I was enjoying the pics till you mentioned Dexter! ;>

  12. Lovely. Often wondered if it is worth buying an ice cream machine...

  13. You had me in stitches with the title of this post, but by the last picture I was just drooooooling and I mean, seriously drooling.

    Looks delicious!

    J x

  14. Wow - that looks sublime!
    I love raspberry ripple...