Thursday, 22 July 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Apparently, according to my loyal fans (yes, both of you) I don't blog enough.

The main reason for this,is that most of the time I'm really busy, but also I usually only post something that I feel will be interesting.

Anyway, point taken and I will try and post more frequently.
In the meanwhile, here is a photo of a pan of fried onions and potatoes that I thought looked particularly tasty. These were destined to accompany some sausages for my Dad. Frozen down in dinner-sized portions.

Every couple of weeks I make a few dinners for his freezer to ensure he eats something other than egg and bacon and Mr Kipling Viennese whirls. He is a little lazy in the kitchen department and if he can get by on cornflakes and Benson & Hedges he will.

Anyway, I hope to blog a bit faster and thank you for your feedback.


  1. Wow, yes they look bloody tasty!

    Blog more, yes indeed and the ordinary good stuff you're cooking is worthy so blog that!

  2. These do look tasty. I must make more meals for my freezer too. The problem is I might eat all portions at once if it's tasty!

  3. Good idea for students too - thanks for the tip. And I agree, you don't blog often enough. xxxx

  4. Kavey - thank you for your comment - really appreciate it.

    Impoftheyard - And they don't contain any calories...... ;)

    Diane - Yes, a good tasty cheap-eat and thank you for your kind comment.

  5. I had a vine too, and also never got around to using the leaves for the same reason - until it dawned on me that I could. *rolls eyes*

    (here via Food Urchin)