Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sausage Surprise

I love a good sausage. I'm a bit of a plain sausage girl - really good pork and a bit of herbage, leek if you must. None of your 'duck and cranberry' or 'lamb and apricot' thank you very much. This obviously doesn't include Toulouse or the lovely Italian sausages. I'm talking about a British banger.

So, on a trip to the farm shop I surprised Tiny by arriving home with some venison sausages. They were big, plump and looked very meaty and I knew that it wasn't going to do them justice just having them with mash and fried onions. No, that would be wrong. I thought how about doing a sort of sausage bourguignon? lardons of smoked bacon, garlic, time, red wine, bit of chicken stock, garlic and finishing off with some sauteed mushrooms (couldn't be arsed to do the baby onions)

With a big pile of mash they were superb. Big meaty sausages in a rich, garlicy, red wine gravy. Tiny's verdict? Apparently I can surprise him with a sausage any time I like.