Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Continuing the chocolate theme.........

There's something very decadent about a dessert that you can stack 'Ferrero Rocher' style, which consists of crisp pastry, filled with softly whipped cream and then smothered in warm chocolate sauce. Pure food porn.


  1. Wow, Looks like something out of a Marks and Spencers advert!

  2. One of my earlist memories is being at a wedding and seeing a giant tower of these, almost skyscaper-like for a little girl! I still get excited when I see a heap of profiteroles like these... yum.

  3. Really good post.
    You adhered to commandment 4 of my unspoken plating-up laws: only use glass plates when serving a decadent desert (anything with choux, cream, strawberries or chocolate).
    Thanks for checking out my blog. Alright if I pop you on my blogroll?