Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Turkey, Pork & Bacon Pie

This pie is based on a pie that my Mother-in-law Margaret used to make. She made it on Christmas eve, ready to be eaten on Christmas morning, with a glass of champagne whilst opening your presents. But frankly it's too yummy to only have it at Christmas. It's also good made with rabbit and pheasant, which I use when they're in season, which are shot on the farm.

It's a shortcrust pastry pie, filled with poached free range turkey thigh, pork belly and smoked bacon. The free range turkey thigh is such a lovely dark, moist meat. God knows why people have a turkey crown for Christmas - it's such a waste. To my mind they're missing the best bit as it has far more flavour. They're probably the same type of people who throw away their chicken carcasses and miss out on lovely stocks and soups because they can't be bothered - crazy.

Right, rant over, now where were we? The pie is then baked and when cool a rich jellied stock is poured in. It's like a raised pie, but lighter as it doesn't have the rich hot water crust pastry.


  1. That pie looks fantastic. You can tell you work in catering, the finished product looks very professional.

  2. would love the recipe.