Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hell's Kitchen

The farm shop where I sell some of my goodies is open on a Friday and Saturday, every other weekend. I have a freezer out there which I fill up with lasagne, chilli, different kinds of pies like steak & kidney, chicken & leek, also casseroles and curries. I also make various chutneys, relishes, jams and marmalade as each fruit comes in to season.

Then there's the fresh things - sausages rolls, raised pies, quiche, brawn and cakes. These obviously have to be made as near to the Friday as possible so my feet don't touch the ground from the Wednesday morning to the Thursday night.

All of the meat I use is free range and is either raised on the farm or bought locally. I vary the cakes each time but the definite favourites is anything chocolaty. Any children who come in always make a beeline for the cakes. It's a good job they're under cake domes as they have a tendency to try and grab stuff. Each week, without fail, there's always one child with a cold who leaves a glistening trail of snot and saliva along the front of my refrigerated display cabinet. Nice.

By Saturday night I'm usually fairly shattered and in need of copious amounts of white wine administered intravenously.

Bakewell slice

Gloucester Old spot sausage rolls

Herdsmans Pasty Pie
(Cornish pasty really, but I'm not in Cornwall am I?)

White chocolate chip Brownies

Cinnamon, raisin & walnut loaf and Barbie pink cup cakes


  1. Jan, Wow - That all looks so good....especially loving the look of the Bakewell tarts, the Pastys and the sausage rolls. I never managed to get down to the farm shop this weekend - it's a pain it's not open Sundays. I'm landscaping my garden at the moment with the help of my Dad (a builder) and I can only get him round on a Saturday....bit akward to bugger off shopping and leave him here working...LOL

  2. This post highlights all that is good in the world - in particular those sausage rolls!

  3. I know from personal experience what an amazing sausage roll GOS pork makes. Looks wonderful.

  4. I must say your displays at the shop always look scrumptious and that moist ginger cake I once had was divine.

    Regarding the snot least I know it's not Gabriet....YET! :-P