Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Ample Cook is 50

I was a happy baby
(The photographer must have been waving a pie)

That's me in the front and no, I've never grown into those ears.
Apparently I sneezed when I was just born and out they flapped.

Flares & platforms the first time round.
This was the year that I was planning my wedding to David Cassidy.

Make-up by Dulux
A scary perm at some point in your life is compulsory

Well I can honestly say that I can't believe I'm 50 as I just don't feel it (that doesn't mean to say I don't look it mind!) In my head I don't feel older than 30. Age, as they say is just a state of mind.

In reality of course I know that just around the corner lurk the things that 'women of a certain age' will inevitably have to suffer - hot flushes, a hairy chin, grumpiness, varicose veins, control pants, unexpected flatulence and 'easy-fit' polyester trousers*.

I won't go down without a fight though.

*Husband informs me that most of these things have already started.


  1. Happy Birthday Jan! And may I say that you don't look a day over 30.

    Superb perm.

  2. Lol! Happy birthday Jan. Congratulations on one of the cutest baby pictures ever too x

  3. Happy Birthday, you look as if you are growing into those ears very gracefully. I hope you are going for the all new Birthday year rather than a simple 'day' of treats and activities.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! And thanks for sharing those photos - they're all charming, even the one with the perm!

  5. Happy Birthday Jan! - great photos....Im especially liking the 80's look, very Wall Street.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! 50 is the new 40 after all...

  7. Dan, Fran, Grethic, Kavey, Dan, Alex.

    Thank you all for good wishes and your very kind comments, how lovely of you.

    The Grumpy Old Woman

  8. A belated happy birthday. I followed you here from TM's blog. I had the scary perm once too. I already have the hairy chin and I've got four years to go before the big 50. I feel about aged 10 so do you mature fast between 46 and 50 or am I just a late developer? Love these photos.

  9. How did I miss this post too? It must be my age. Congratulations - you missed Tenalady from your list and I can confirm that M&S do a lovely elastic waist trouser for when you have to eat pie!!!!