Friday, 9 October 2009

Tatty bye tommys

I adore tomatoes, so it's always a sad day at Ample Cook Towers, when the tomato plants are pulled up. This year we have had a huge crop. Mind you we did plant 25 of the buggers, which I know is a lot, but it then allows me to make provision for the long dark tomatoless months.

Some of them have already been turned into hot, sweet tomato relish (Yes Dan, there's a jar with your name on it).

The majority of them however have been turned into passata using our trusty 'mouli'. It's brilliant, you either roast the tomatoes or simmer them until they're soft, then the mouli sieves them and leaves all of the skin and pips behind ta dah! It's brilliant.

It's then frozen into portions ready for pasta sauces, pizza bases etc. Here's a pizza we made on Saturday. If it's for a pizza I just simmer a portion of the passata down until it's a bit thicker.

Here are next year's babies. They're tomato seeds that I've extracted, soaking in water to remove the gel-like stuff, then they'll be dried and planted next year.

Actually that's not true, it all starts with a Mummy and a Daddy tomato. They have to kiss lots and rub each others vines until a pip is squeezed out, the Mummy then swells up and ripens and that's how you get tomatoes. It's true.


  1. Aha, so that's where tomatoes come from.
    I just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I've only recently started blogging and what started out as a craft blog has quickly evolved into a food blog as I struggle daily to find things my fussy family will eat and that I can cook!

  2. oh wow great tomatoes and great dishes made from them

  3. Fantastic idea Jan - free tomato seeds (after the tomatoes have 'got jiggy' as you describe of course) Roast them, and then stick em in the 'Mouli' - which I don't own and am now seriously envious of.
    So many good ideas and concepts here!
    Oh - and I'll be claiming my rightful jar of tomato relish soon I tell you.

  4. Wow - you had a great crop! I think next year I'll grow full size tomatoes, none of these piddly golden yellow cherry ones.

  5. Thanks for you comment. My blog is about taking a photo every day. Some days they're good and other days are really dull. It's just what I do every day and I talk a little about my day. I enjoy cooking and am looking forward to exploring your blog. Your tomatoes look amazing and so does that passata!

  6. Loving your description of the birds and the bees, tomato-style!

  7. Fresh tomatoes are so good. I miss them in winter!

  8. Wow...didn't know you could get dry seeds from simple and yet so....hmmm. I love to make passata...with roasted tomatoes. So I make a huge batch and freeze but I never use a mill, I whizz it in my blender and I never understood why people used mills and got rid of the skins till I made some soup with the passata and ended up with string bits....we learn daily