Sunday, 4 April 2010

Would you like to see my buns?

I have never made hot cross buns before. Strange but true. I suppose it's because there are such good quality ones out there. There are also, it has to be said some nasty, cheap ones which are doughy and contain very little fruit.

Anyway, I thought it was time to have a go myself and obviously Easter was the time to make them. Well actually I made these a week before Easter and then made some more actually on Good Friday.

For me, they have to be really fruity and full of spice, otherwise they're just buns, or small teacakes. They're basically bread dough enriched with an egg and some butter and obviously lots of mixed spice, cinnamon and dried fruit.

The 'cross' is very simple, it's just flour and water piped onto the risen buns before baking.

After baking, a brushing of sugar syrup and hey presto, shiny, spicy, fruity buns.


  1. Ooh, what an invitation! They look delicious...

  2. Very nice buns Jan! I have a fool proof recipe that I have used for years. But this year they were a total disaster! (Guess that makes me a fool?)

  3. Very nice buns! The last time I made hot cross buns was at school!!! xxx

  4. Who can fail to read a blog post with that title???!!! And magnificent they are too. I've never made hot cross buns. Perhaps because I once had homemade ones when I was younger and the crosses were so hard they nearly broke my teeth. Not a great reason not to make them myself, but I don't have to worry about that for another year now!

  5. Wow. these look superb Jan. Never made hot cross buns, I should give it a go.

  6. Ive never made them, but you've made me feel as if now I must! They look yummy, much nicer than any bought ones!

    Julia x

  7. Alex - Thank you !

    Fran - Oh what a shame.

    Diane - That long ago? ;-)

    Ginger Gourmand - They're worth the effort, but as I say, you can buy some really good ones these days.

    Dan - Thanks very much!

    Julia- Very kind of you :)