Friday, 13 February 2009

Down on the farm

Here are some photos of the farm where I sell my produce - Woodfords Farm in Canewdon. They rear and sell their own free range beef and pork and have a mixture of cows - Aberdeen-Angus, Sussex, Hereford and Charollais cross. All the pigs are Gloucester Old spot.

I use their meat in my pies, casseroles etc. The beef and pork is nothing like the meat you buy in a supermarket. The taste and texture - particularly of the beef is superb

Above is Gilbert the bull, who is pure - Charollais - with one of his ladies and two lovely little calves. All of the animals are very well looked after, it's obvious that they really care for them. It's good to know that the meat you're buying has had a good life.
They also grow spring barley, its grain is rolled for the animals and the straw is used for feeding and bedding. Beans are grown for the main protein part of the cattle diet and some are sold mainly for export to the middle-east for human consumption. Milling or bread making wheat is their main arable crop.
There's loads of wildlife around the farm: pheasants, hares, rabbits, badgers, barn owls and many more wild birds.

For information and opening times of the farm shop go to

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